sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

TEMA DE LA SEMANA: 2011-43 Guernica - The Queen OF Our County (1987)

Todo un espectáculo para los oidos... sinfonía que recuerda a una época que ya no volverá....

Guernica was an Irish band active from 1985 since 1989.

Guernica took a heavy New Order/Joy Division influence and mixed it with indie/C86/jangle-pop sounds. They also incorporated lighter, rockabilly touches to fantastic effect. After a debut single on Solid, they signed to Idol Records in London and released one acclaimed single(orange an red - 12"). They appeared on TV several times including MT USA ("Americano"), TV Ga Ga ("Americano"), Anything Goes ("New Boy"), Borderline ("Deep Sea Diving") and Megamix ("Homing").

the line up was:
- Joe Rooney - vocals
- Derek Turner - guitar
- Ray McCarthy - keyboards
- Derek Lee - bass
- Dara Broe - drums

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